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Welcome to The Holsworthy Ear Clinic

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About me...

My name is Debra De ste Croix and I own and run the Holsworthy foot Health clinic in Bodmin street Holsworthy, I set the foot clinic up in 2017 with the aim of bringing affordable clinical based gold standard foot care to Holsworthy residents, over 2500 patients later and 5 years on I was being asked where people could get ear wax removed locally as the NHS had stopped routine ear irrigation treatments, so I started researching courses and training, I came upon the TYMPAHEALTH system and my journey into ear health began. 

The Tympa system is the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing healthcare assessment device. It brings together three different diagnostic and treatment systems into one hand-held portable system. With the Tympa system you get: high-definition digital otoscopy for examinations, microsuction for wax and debris removal, and a hearing screening test.
Should a patient require a second opinion, we are able to utilise our remote advice and guidance service within TYMPAHEALTH where we can access a Remote Review, as clinicians we can send images and videos to ENT and Audiology experts for further analysis. All this is backed up by a fully digital secure system for keeping patient records, which can be quickly and easily shared, via a professional PDF, with ENT surgeons, audiologists or GPs, should the patient need onward specialist treatment.
I am also a Holsworthy town councillor and deputy Mayor for Holsworthy  




The Holsworthy Ear Clinic

3 Bodmin street




Tel: 01409 259093


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